The Realistic Jonesby Will Eno 

April 21 to May 13, 2017

Presented by Susan Jacobson and Norm Oliver


Simple conversations, complex communication; minor irritations, major confrontations; everyday affection, transcendent love. Winner of two Drama Desk Special Awards and nominated for three Drama League Awards in 2014, Will Eno’s poignant look at everyday people is full of gentle humor and wry commentary on how we deal with our own mortality. The Joneses (both couples) are doing their very best to navigate modern life in all its glorious everyday chaos, while fighting for the quiet time and inner space to make sense of it all. This play will warm your heart and break your heart, showing that there is somebody’s hero in each of us, even though none of us can be heroic all the time. And as long as we stick by each other, we don’t have to be.