SEVEN HOMELESS MAMMOTHS WANDER NEW ENGLAND at Live ArtsNovember 15-December 16, 2018

In this rich and resonant comedy, a New England town is disrupted when the financially strapped local college announces the closing of its natural history museum. Letters from angry townsfolk are pouring in, and Dean Wreen is stressed out. Despite this, she invites her ex-girlfriend Greer to live with her while Greer undergoes experimental cancer treatment. The arrangement is complicated, however, by the presence of Andromeda, Dean Wreen’s much younger yogi and lover. While the women navigate this “alternative kinship structure,” townspeople clamor to save the museum’s woolly mammoths. SEVEN HOMELESS MAMMOTHS is a screwball comedy about the pitfalls of monogamy, jealousy, and academia.

Despite a lugubrious title that seems destined to provoke a “You’re taking me to what?” response, SEVEN HOMELESS MAMMOTHS WANDER NEW ENGLAND, is, in fact, an exceedingly funny play.
Chicago Tribune

  • Sponsored by Penny & Tom Howard and Tim McNamara
  • Written by Madeleine George
  • Directed by Larry Goldstein