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Our company is made up of over 700 actively engaged members in the roles of actor, designer, carpenter, electrician, prop artisan, cutter draper, stitcher, dresser, board technician, usher, stage manager, concessions worker, house manager, and every other role in between. For over twenty years Live Arts has referred to these individuals as “volunteers.” A volunteer, by definition, is a person donating their time, skill, and energy to serving the needs of others.

The business of Live Arts is theater-making and community-building. There is no support role for a volunteer to help others make theater and build community at Live Arts—it’s exactly what the people involved are doing. By using “volunteer” in this setting we feel we are incorrectly defining the work of our core constituency. Beginning with the opening of the newly-renovated lobby spaces and the launch of the 2014-2015 season, Live Arts dropped the term “volunteer” from the organizational vocabulary and replaced it with “company member.”


Everyone making theater, learning about theater, engaging in a group, or supporting theater making at Live Arts is a member of the company, a “company member.” These company members are representative of the community in which we live and serve in ethnicity, gender, economic background, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, education level, and species.

Jump right in! Pick up our new Company Member Guide or download it HERE and get in touch with our volunteer team leaders at or call 434.977.4177×107 to learn more or fill out a Company Member Application and she will contact you!

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