Thank you for supporting us on our DAY OF GIVING on JUNE 12, 2018!


Live Arts has the best friends! We asked you to help launch our 2018/2019 season by making a gift, and a few of our generous supporters promised to double it. Our goal was to raise $25,000, enough to keep our lights on for a FULL YEAR.

You blew that goal away!

You donated more than $30,000, enough to run the building AND provide scholarships for all of our fall, winter, and spring classes in the coming year. That means every time you walk by our building, see a show, take a class, or see a child beaming after a camp, YOU made it possible.

To quote one of our favorite friends, “Now more than ever, we need creativity, curiosity, love, storytelling, music, and teamwork in our lives. It’s rough out there. But it’s family in here. So come on in. The door is open. You are welcome.”

Thank you to all who contributed to the Live Arts Day of Giving 2018!*

Kenneth Abraham & Susan Stein
Beverly Adams
Leo Arico & Phyllis Sylvester
Joe & Judy Axelrod
Ronald Bailey & Pamela Friedman
Susan Barnard
Kim & John Beard
Rosanna Bencoach
Calvin & Maureen Brondyke
Aly Brookland & Steven Caliari
Jay & Carolyn Brown
Lynne Brubaker
Susan Burke
Jeff Bushman & Linda van der Linde
Barb Cain
Sam & Dorothy Carannante
Elizabeth Carpenter & Daniel Feigert
Johannah & Randy Castleman
Ernest Chambers
Lyn Chappelle
Kristen Chiacchia
Suzanne Cincinnati
Tovah & Bryan Close
Tom Cogill
Karen Collins
Julian Connolly & Monica Markelz-Connolly
Gwyn Conway
Chad Dodson & Lawrie Balfour
Derek & Lisa Duval
Bette Dzamba & David Sellers
Sigrid Eilertson
Lisa & Jim Elias
Therese Elron
Dan Epstein & Kate Duvall
Elmer Estey
Dan & Aimee Fagan
Blondel Family
Barbara Fincham
Jody Forman
Gare Galbraith & Alex Ix
John Gates
Kellie Gildersleeve
Kristen Gleason
Larry Goldstein
Linda Gonder-Frederick & Jeff Frederick
Tina Goode
Julie Hamberg
Virginia Hamrick
Linda Hayward
Ellen Hickman
Kinne Hoffman & Christoper Milner
John Holdren & Tricia Emlet
Hasty & Laura Horn
Tom Hughson
Larry Hugo
Larry Hugo
Ming Ivory
Deborah Jackson
Michelle James
Greer S Johnson
Catherine Kane
Dean Kedes
Beth & Luke Kelly
Joyce Kerns
Mackenzie Knapp
Sherry Kraft
Janet LaPointe
Bill LeSueur
David & Sarah Lourie
Bree & Geoff Luck
Bernie Martin
Donna & Sandy McAdams
John McLaren
Matthew McLendon
Linda McNeil
Brian Menard
Kurt Meusel & Kelli Shermeyer
Jon & Mary Mikalson
Karen Moore
Kerry Moran & Mark Rylander
Murphy Moss & Mary Ann Coffey
Cameron Mowat & George Worthington
Kathleen Mueller
Jan Naumann
Ray Nedzel
Kristine Nelson
Dennis Oconnor
Lucy Ofiesh
Sallie Park
Eric & Kristina Parker
Chris Patrick
Maria & John Paulus
Heather & Othello Powell
Deborah Prum
Taylor & Bill Randolph
Timothy & Lee Read
Gail Raymaker & Gerald Shea
Margaret Record
Marjorie & Michael Rein
Twila Salthouse
Cheryl & Patrik Sandas
Mariko Schaper
Kevin Schmitt
David & Sabine Scholes
Vaden Shields
Michael Shveima
Pat Simpson & Bernie Murphy
Robert Sinkin & Mimi Halpern
Laura Slack
Ashton Smith
Lynn Smith
Meri Jane Smith
Martha & Philip Stafford
Elizabeth Stafford
Jennifer Starkey
Julie Stavitski
Deborah & Joseph Strzepek
Lee & Miller Murray Susen
Patsy & Dick Swindler
Emma Terry
Terri Thelin
Ellen & Harris Tobias
Erica Umback
Robert Walters & Janet Muse
Edward & Gary Warwick White
Brooks Wellmon
Kristin Wenger
Lynn Williams
Tammy Wilt
Abbey Yates
Matt Yohe
Gretchen York
David & Linda Zuby

*If you don’t see your name and think it should be here, or if we’ve credited you incorrectly, please accept my apologies and let me know!