Thank you for supporting our DAY OF GIVING on JUNE 25, 2019!

You deserve a standing ovation!

This week we asked you to help us reach our goal of 150 gifts to launch our 2019/2020 season. If our community came out strong in support of Live Arts, a donor promised a bonus gift.

You made it happen! Because of your generosity, we not only earned that bonus gift, but also raised almost enough money to cover ALL the royalties for the upcoming season (no small feat, at nearly $25,000)!

Yesterday a wonderful actor and supporter described her love of Live Arts this way: “Theater has always been, if not my first home, definitely my second. I find energy, creativity, and joy from places that are often exhausted in my day-to-day life. When people ask, how do you have the time? My answer is: because time stops when I’m in that space. Theater is home for so many people, not just me, and I feel so lucky that Live Arts is a space that wants to make sure to provide a safe, open home to all who enter.”

Thank you for helping make Live Arts a second home for our community!

Thank you to all who contributed to the Live Arts Day of Giving 2019!*

*If you don’t see your name and think it should be here, or if we’ve credited you incorrectly, please accept our apologies and let me know!

Beverly Colwell Adams
Reid & Michelle Willis Adams
Susan Albert
Carolyn & Stephen Altenderfer
Deborah Arenstein
Leo Arico & Phyllis Sylvester
Kristen Atkins
Lori Balaban
Susan Barnard
Becky Bartness
Ben Bartolone
Kim Beard
David Becker
Ingrid Berger
Linda Blondel
Calvin & Maureen Brondyke
Alyssa Brookland & Steven Caliari
Kara & Chris Burke
Susan Burke
Barbara Cain
Sam & Dorothy Carannante
Johannah Castleman
Allan Chappelle
Suzanne Cincinnati
Joyce Colony
Gwyn Conway
Jenn Corbey
Warren Craghead & Annie Way
Shilpa Davé
Kristen Davis Singh
Catherine Dee
Rodney Durrer
Derek & Lisa Duval
Gabriel Duval
Stanley & Joyce Eastman
Liz Emrey
Deirdre Enright
Daniel & Aimee Fagan
Dorene Fisher
Jane Freeman
Elizabeth Fuller
Gare Galbraith & Alex Ix
Cady & Bryan Garey
Carol Gilbert-Sacks
Kellie Gildersleeve
Margaret Gilges & John Rabasa
Catherine Gillespie
Kristen Gleason
Larry Goldstein
Brenda Grant
Erin Fletcher Hall
Julie Hamberg
Jeffrey Hantman
Nate Harris
Rie and Byron Harris
Elain Heffelfinger
Edward Herring
Grayson Hodnett
Gentry Hodnett
Leslie Fry Hodnett
John Holdren & Tricia Emlet
Bary Johnson
John & Joan Kammire
Marta Keane
Cristan Keighley
Andrea Larson
Anne Olsson Loebs
David & Sarah Lourie
Bree & Geoff Luck
Bruce & Allison MacDonald
April Manning
Brian Menard
Shannon Montague
Kerry Moran & Mark Rylander
Cameron Mowat & George Worthington
Kathleen Mueller
April Murrie
Jan Stelljes Naumann
Bob & Pat Nedzel
Ray Nedzel
Louis & Kristine Nelson
Dennis & Linda O’Connor
Lucy Ofiesh
Christopher Patrick
Maria & John Paulus
Kim Peel
Tim Read
John Richardson
Pam Roland
Patricia Ross
Bill & Joan Rough
Sue Ann Corell Sarpy
Sara Schroeder
Wendy Seay
Colette Sheehy
Vaden Shields
Laura Slack
Louise Smith
Mary E. Spear
Janine Sponsel
Martha & Philip Stafford
Julie Stavitski
Virginia Stockwell
Ed Stockwell
Lise Stoessel
Wynne Stuart & Vicki Hawes
Grace Suttle
Tori Tremaglia
Bruce & Ginny Wardell
Brooks & Chad Wellmon
Joan Hackett Widomski
Brad Worrall
David & Linda Zuby