Giving Tuesdays – 2019



Live Arts Resolution List - ways to help and how much things cost#GivingTuesday is the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and a popular day to give to your favorite causes! This year Live Arts is excited to participate not just on December 3rd, but every Tuesday! That’s right in December, #GivingTuesday is EVERY Tuesday.

This means you can give on one Tuesday or two Tuesdays or you can give on all five Tuesdays. It’s up to you! Our GivingTuesdays are on December 3rd, December 10th, December 17th, December 24th, and December 31st!

Make a recurring gift here! Perhaps $29 a month in honor of 29 years?? Be creative with your gift.


New Year’s Resolution for Live Arts

Want to start the year off right? Complete a New Year’s resolution by giving to one of your favorite non-profits! Below are a few items (out of the many) that donations go towards here at Live Arts:

  • $20 would buy a sheet of plywood.
  • $30 can purchase a box of screws to place on sets!
  • $250 is worth props for one show
  • What’s Priceless? The ability to overcome stage fright.
  • $450 is worth 3 scholarships for one-week of ½ day summer camp
  • $540 is worth 1 scholarship for a two-week full-day summer camp
  • $1,500 is worth a *new* ticket printer for Darryl
  • What’s Priceless? Making a new friend and learning to say your name with pride.
  • $3,000 is the average expense on Hair and Makeup for an entire season of shows
  • $6,000 can cover Live Arts’ electric bill for 5 months
  • $10,000 begins to cover a new lighting board
  • $12,000 is about half the cost the royalties Live Arts pays per season
  • What’s Priceless? Ensuring Live Arts lives for another 29.


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