Live Arts is a place where you truly can do anything. Act, direct, design, build, sew, paint, learn, teach, work, play, make new friends, dream, grow, collaborate, discover, invent, pretend, create, enjoy, surprise, wonder, devise, develop, make believe, find your role. Your friendship makes that possible.


Ways to Give

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  • Phone! Call Shelby at 434.977.4177 ext. 101
  • Mail! Send us a check at: Live Arts, PO Box 1231, Charlottesville, VA 22902
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Total BFF (that’s best friend forever) of Live Arts. Special Besties-Only events all year long. Contact Shelby Edwards for more Bestie info at

Throws You a Party Just For Being You

$500 – $999
All the benefits below, plus a single use of the third-floor lobby for an event of your own invention! ($150 value)

Makes You a Nice Dinner

$250 – $499
All the benefits below, plus two free entrées at the C&O restaurant, the official restaurant sponsor of Live Arts, on us. Really! (A $60 value)

Buys You a Drink

$100 – $249
All the benefits below, plus a $10 concessions card at the best bar in town.

Gives Great Hugs

$50 – $99
10% off tickets and merchandise all season long, plus a Live Arts bumper sticker. Which is nothing like a hug. . . unless, that is, you’re a bumper.

Smiles and Waves At You On the Street

$30 – $49
10% off tickets and merchandise all season long, plus bragging rights — hey, you’re a Friend of Live Arts!



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