Fringe Team Application 2017


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world. Last year’s Festival welcomed 3,400+ theatrical productions featuring 25,000+ artists to perform 48,000+ performances in one of 300+ venues across the capital city of Edinburgh, Scotland. There is truly nothing like it in the world.

Live Arts works with WorldStrides to produce two festivals within the overall Fringe: The American High School Theatre Festival (ASHTF) and the International Collegiate Theatre Festival (ICTF). We help productions from across the US and Canada (and even Dubai) tour their productions for four performances in Edinburgh.

As the “Theatre Team”, our job is to prepare the theatre spaces for the participating high schools and colleges, and shepherd each production through its tech and performance schedule. Our team ensures that everything runs safely and smoothly for each production, including lots of handholding and cat herding. The 2017 team will welcome nearly 1,000 performers in 50+ performing groups spread over 4 venues in just over 3 weeks. It’s an exhausting but extremely rewarding experience.


There will be a Fringe interest meeting on SUNDAY, MARCH 5th at 10 am in the Founders Theater. This meeting is MANDATORY if you have never attended FRINGE as a member of the Live Arts Theatre Team. If you have attended as a team member, you are not required to come, but your presence would be welcome!


Please note that while we would LOVE to bring everyone to the Fringe Festival, spaces are limited. We focus on the skill sets of our applicants, so the more you tell us about your strengths the greater chance you’ll have. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and preference is given to people who are over 21 years old. We also give preference to applicants who live in Central Virginia and who have volunteered at Live Arts.

Shortly after the March 5th meeting, we will notify you of our decision. If chosen, you will be asked to sign a commitment agreement (with a cancelation penalty if you back out after your plane ticket is purchased).

Live Arts will cover the cost of your airfare to the UK, your accommodation while in Edinburgh, and will provide you with a small stipend if chosen to represent Live Arts on the Theatre Team. Past participants recommend bringing at least $500 per session as spending money for food, libations, and tickets to shows.


There are two sessions of the AHSTF; therefore we have two working sessions.  When you get to the application, please check all that you are available for/would like to be considered for:

  • Session One, 25-July to 11-August
  • Session Two, 10-August to 23-August
  • Both Sessions, 25-July to 23-August

If we can cover session two with team members who can be there for both sessions, we will likely do that.  More importantly, we need to balance the skills and experience of the team at every venue for all shows we support.


Applications will be accepted until the end of the month – Feb 28, 2017.   If you have trouble with the application, or do not receive a confirmation after you apply, please contact

Fringe Team Application

  • If you don’t have a passport, fear not. There’s time to get one. You’ll need between $150 and $215 and a whole lot of personal docs to get it done.
  • If it is expired, that may still be OK. Renewal is faster/easier than obtaining a new passport, but there's no time to start like the present.
  • Most likely our team will consist of folks who are there for session 1 or the full session. This year, there may be some spots open for session 2 only team members. Please pick all that apply.
  • If you have not been outside of the US, please list the most recent trip inside the US.
  • I do not like this taskI'm interested in learning more about this skilI can work with mimimal supervision at this skillI can work independly at this skillI can teach this skillThis is my best skill in this section
    Operate a Screw-gun
    Troubleshoot electronics
    Design a self standing flat with a window frame
    Build a flat with a window frame
    Properly carry heavy loads
    Program a Lightboard
    Run a Lightboard
    Mic the cast of a musical
    Lead a group of teenagers on an overnight trip
  • Feel free to expand on any of the questions/ratings above. Not required, but if you have details that would help explain your self-ratings above, please share here.
  • I can barely do thisI do thisI'm better than average at thisI'm really great at thisI can teach you how to improve in this areaThis is my favorite skill in this section
    Walk long distances briskly
    Wash my own dishes
    Wash others' dishes
    Prepare and Cook an elegant meal for 12
    Organize Paperwork
    Be a good sport after losing
    Teach teens a new skill
    Navigate a new city, alone
  • Feel free to expand on any of the questions/ratings above. Not required, but if you have details that would help explain your self-ratings above, please share here.
  • If uploading a resume or additional information would be helpful, please do so here. Not required.
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, png.