Si and Ruth Becker

In January, 2016, our dear friend Si Becker left us for the astral plane. A former member of the Board of Directors (2002-2012), Si served as the faithful steward of the newly constructed facility at 123 E. Water Street for the first six years of its existence. Si and his beloved wife Ruth volunteered at the concessions stand every Thursday night for years. And Si was a counselor and mentor to every member of the Live Arts team. He loved this place, and as a member of our family he simply cannot be replaced. We all miss Si.

In honor of Si & Ruth’s many contributions to Charlottesville and Live Arts, The Board of Directors voted unanimously at their January meeting to name the third floor concessions bar THE BECKER BAR.

We would like to invite friends of Si’s to make a contribution to Live Arts in support of the Volunteer Company and this naming honor, and each donor of $100 or more will be recognized as a part of the display.

Si will be the third person in the history of the organization to receive a naming honor in the building. The first was John Gibson, our Artistic Director for 18 years of the company’s 25 year-lifespan. We named the drink rail near the concessions bar after one of our founders, Will Kerner. We believe that Si deserves to be honored in a lasting way for his immeasurable contributions of mentorship, camaraderie, time and talent, and love for this community.

The Board of Live Arts invites you to make a contribution to Live Arts in support of the volunteer company in Si’s memory. You can do that by clicking the LINK HERE.

From John Conover, President of the Board of Live Arts from 2005-2011:

“A different side of Si.  He was a player, a card player.  He was sharp and he liked to win but, even more, he loved being at the table with friends, a drink and some smokes.  And we all loved being there with him.  His quiet counsel when he was secretary of the board got me and Live Arts through and around many fires and sinkholes.  Naming the bar in his honor is wholly fitting.”