Play a role in our future


We invite you to play a role. 

Live Arts is a critical piece of the arts community of Charlottesville. It is a hub of creativity, of performance, of design, of volunteerism, of service, of celebration, of learning, and of community. It is essential, especially when times are challenging, and people need a place to come together to share their stories and experiences, and get lost in a play. Time stops. 

Thousands of audience members, more than 1,200 volunteers, and hundreds of young people depend on Live Arts to be their safe space. The Ghostlight is still flickering. The empty theaters are still humming with anticipation of worlds yet to be expressed.

We can’t imagine a Charlottesville without Live Arts, any more than we can imagine my homes without our families, our streets without our house, and our bodies without our hearts. For 30 years, we have been a Charlottesville landmark. 

Our city needs us. Our people need us. Our stories need us. We are Live Arts, and Live Arts needs us.

What role will you play?




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