• by Lynn NottageSWEAT at Live Arts
  • Directed by Adrienne Oliver
  • Gibson Theater

Sponsored by Fiddlehead Fund and by Pamela Friedman & Ronald Bailey

Winner of the 2017 Obie Award for Playwriting
Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
“I can’t think of any recent play that tells us so much, and so vividly, about the state of the union.” (5/5 stars) —The Guardian
“Potent and powerful.” —The Chicago Tribune

Reading, Pennsylvania.
January 18, 2000.
Outside it’s 19*F. In the news: American think tanks report that the booming stock market is widening the income gap between the poorest and richest U.S. families. Reading passes an aggressive dog ordinance to regulate ownership of certain pet breeds including pit bulls.

Filled with warm humor and tremendous heart, Lynn Nottage’s SWEAT tells the story of American de-industrialization through the eyes of a group of friends in Reading who have spent their lives sharing drinks, secrets, and laughs while working together on the factory floor. As layoffs and picket lines chip away at their trust, they find themselves pitted against each other in a fight to stay afloat. It’s a tale of community versus capitalism, union versus upstart, and friend against friend in a sharp, poignant exploration of the humans on the line. Sweat embodies Nottage’s two mottos: Replace judgment with curiosity and sustain the complexity.

SWEAT at Live Arts Cast:
EVAN — Ernest Chambers
JASON — Austin Bouchard
CHRIS — Ike Anderson
CYNTHIA — Ty Daniels
TRACEY — Jamie Virostko
STAN — Randy Risher
OSCAR — Jo French
JESSIE — Aly Brookland
BRUCIE — Richard Morris