2020-2021 Season Pass

2020-2021 Season Pass

Re-imagined Season Passes

Your support now ensures we can continue to employ our staff, engage our volunteers, and make theater in new ways until we are able to safely reopen the building.

A Season Pass grants you access to our 2020-2021 shows and events, but it is so much more. It enables us to explore new ways of forging theater and community together and to present almost all of our content on a pay-what-you-can basis. Help us break down economic barriers to theater for folks who have been hit hard during this time of social, emotional, and financial hardship.

This “public good” approach is modeled after public radio, and relies on the support of patrons and community members who want to see Live Arts thrive during this transition and into the future. If that sounds like you, we invite you to play a role in our reimagined season and buy your Season Pass today

20/21 Season Passes


Two Types of Season Passes

The Basic Pass. Priced at $150, the Basic Pass includes nine months of weekly programming! That’s five times more events than a typical season and a lot more variety—all of it available to the community without a paywall. The Basic Pass also includes access to featured performances of original works by local playwrights and performing artists: LOCALLY SOURCED, LOST HOME/WIN HOME, and more!

The Bonus Pass. Priced at $250, the Bonus Pass includes nine months of weekly programming PLUS tickets to the live, digital performances of four, full-length shows: MARAT/SADE, SWEAT, THE CHILDREN and THE ALIENS. Just for jollies, it also includes a comp ticket to A VERY SPECIAL SOCIALLY DISTANCED LIVE ARTS HOLIDAY SPECIAL.

Both the full-length shows and the holiday special are accessible to the public via a paywall.

2020-2021 Season Pass

Season Pass Perks

There’s no point in offering you free parking or concessions when we’re all social distancing. So we’re sending every Season Pass holder a custom Forging Ahead mask and perks from our community partners, like carry-out specials. The perks are a treat for you and a way to support local businesses that are still recovering from the long tail of COVID.

Wondering about Fan Club subscriptions from last year?

If you bought two Fan Club subscriptions last year for $77 each, you could save a few dollars by buying a Basic Season Pass for your household for $150. The Basic Pass lets you access a variety of weekly programming so you can pick and choose what interests you. If you miss something you wanted to see, you can catch it on YouTube whenever it’s convenient.

More questions? Check out our 2020-2021 Season FAQ