Volunteering at Live Arts

Welcome Volunteers

Live Arts is made up of over 700 actively engaged volunteers in the roles of actor, designer, carpenter, electrician, prop artisan, cutter draper, stitcher, dresser, board technician, usher, stage manager, concessions worker, house manager, and every other role in between.

Jump right in! Get in touch with our volunteer team leaders at volunteer@livearts.org or call 434.977.4177×107 to learn more.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

As a community-based, volunteer-driven theater, we take pride in all of our fine work and the wonderful, dedicated people who make it.

A volunteer, by definition, is a person donating their time, skill, and energy to serving the needs of others. But in the process of helping others our volunteers gain personal satisfaction of creating community-based art which is open to all. They also make friends, build amazing shows together, bring smiles to thousands of audience members, and help make our community more connected.

The business of Live Arts is theater-making and community-building. Our mission is simple: Forging Theater and Community.

Come join in. You are always welcome at Live Arts.

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