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Elizabeth LeVaca, remembering Joe LeVaca

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Albemarle County
City of Charlottesville
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The Caplin Foundation
Pam Friedman & Ron Bailey
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Barbara & Jay Kessler

The Madwoman Project
Open Hands, in memory of Michael Parent
Geri & Bruce Schirmer

Story House Real Estate
George Worthington & Cameron Mowat
Woodard Properties

Live Arts is supported in part by the Virginia Commission for the Arts, which receives support from the Virginia General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal Agency.

2023-2024 Donors & Supporters

We are grateful for the following individuals and institutions who generously supported Live Arts during the 2023/24 EXPECTATIONS Season. This donor listing recognizes philanthropic gifts received between July 1, 2023 and September 30, 2023. We make every effort to ensure that all of our donors are listed in the way they prefer. If there is an error or you would like your name to appear in a different format, please contact us at

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The Frayser Group

Hankel-Citizens Insurance

The Madwoman Project

Miller & Lee Susen

Wells Fargo

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The Madwoman Project

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Pam Friedman & Ron Bailey
Geri & Bruce Schirmer

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Albemarle Baking Company

Early Mountain Vineyards 

Mudhouse Coffee

Three Notch’d Brewing Co.

Bold Rock

In Kind Donations

Dominion Energy Foundation

JLA Photography

Miller & Lee Susan

US Energy Management

Theater Lighting Upgrade Supporters


Dorothy Batten

Perry Foundation 

Thane Kerner

Jessica Nagle

Wyn Owens

Gifts from Individuals

Cyndy Alaimo

Emmett Angle-Davis

Patricia Asuncion

Heather Balmat

Becky Bartness

Mary & Jay Blanton

Betsy & Tom Bloom

Joyce Boland

Susan Braun & Scott Williams

Margaret Galloway & Larry Bouchard 

Dee & Dickson Brown

Cyndy & Samuel Caughron

Christina & Ernest Chambers

Donna & Donald Charlebois

Jill Collier

Wilson Craig

Carly Crickenberger

Mariko Doktor

Laney Dorazio

Lewis Dunn

Deborah Erikson

Carol Evans

Janet & Howard Evergreen

Lisa & Ken Ferguson

Kay & Jeff Fracher

Pam Friedman & Ron Bailey

Elizabeth Fuller

Cheryl Gaughen

Thomas Gibson

Margie Gilbert

Carol Gilbert-Sacks

Marjie Giuliano

Larry Goldstein

Danait Haddish

Eve Hesselroth

Brian Hogg

Tricia Emlet & John Holdren

Nancy Hopkins & Bruce McKenney

Sharon Lee Hostler

Amanda Hunt

Rebecca Johnson

Joan & John Kammire

Catherine F. Kane

Jennifer Kelly

Barbara & Jay Kessler

Karen Kigin

Ron Krauss

Beth & Nicholas Kuhn

Kathleen Ladika

Jacqueline Langholtz & William Taylor

Jacalyn LaPierre

Janet LaPointe

Maria A. Lasagna

MJ Lauter

Karen Lawson & Lawrence Karpen

Barbara Leonard

Paige Linkins

Lotta Lofgren

Fredrick Martin

Virginia Masterson

Donna & Sandy McAdams

April McLaughlin

Kyle McPherson

Kari Miller

Kate & Joe Monaghan

Kerry Moran & Mark Rylander

Edward Murphy

Jacquelyn Nasca

Elizabeth Natoli

Ckalib Nelson

Cecilia & Robert Nichols

Nancy O’Brien

Patrick O’Brien

Carolyn & Mark O’Hara

Bradley Olson

Leah & Jason Paladino

Chris Pasmore

Maria & John Paulus

Maite Brandt-Pearce & Daniel Pearce 

Elayne Kornblatt Phillips

Lisa Provence

Lizzy Ramey

Taylor & Bill Randolph

Kathryn & Andrew Rockett

Claudia Scenna

Geri & Bruce Schirmer

Wendy Seay

Molly & Matthew Shadel

Angilee Shah

Vaden Shields

Paula Shiver

Laurie Shulman

Kay Slaughter

Larissa Sneathern

Maria Stein

Erika Struble

William Sweeny

Miller & Lee Susen

Dana Tornabene

Lynda Tweel

Madi Walker

Ashley Watkins

Charles W. Swinney & Steuart White

Joan & John Widomski

Barbara Williams

Elizabeth Wittner

George Worthington & Cameron Mowat

Annette Zenker

Gifts in Honor of

Helen C. Chambers 
Christina & Ernest Chambers

Joan Forrest
John Forrest 

Marietta Feigert
Fran & Frank Feigert

Howard Pape
Morgan & Jeremiah Brophy

Gifts in Memory of

Joe LeVaca 
Elizabeth LeVaca

Michael Parent 
Open Hands
Brian Menard

Evelyn Nasca
Jacquelyn Nasca

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