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Saturday, June 11 | 11am-4pm

We’d like to get to know you! During the 2022/23 Transformations Season, we will be casting four shows, a musical, a month-long new works festival, and lots of small acting opportunities throughout the year. If you are interested in performing, these auditions are for you!

General Auditions do not replace auditions for specific shows. There will be auditions for each show. No roles will be cast based on General Auditions.

We encourage color-conscious casting and are striving to be an inclusive theater. The idea behind conscious casting is that the casting decisions are made with intent. Productions actively seek to create a more diverse cast while respecting the playwright's specific character descriptions.

What are General Auditions?

A way to help Live Arts update our files and discover who is currently interested in acting in shows, readings, and special events

A way for this year’s directors to meet you and see your work

A way you can learn a little about the shows this season and what roles there might be for you

A great chance to brush up on your audition skills and keep practicing your monologues and songs!

When: Saturday, June 11 (11am-4pm)

Where: Fourth Floor, Conover Studio, Live Arts, 123 Water Street

What to prepare: You will have a 5-minute time slot. Please prepare two monologues (1-2min max) or 1 monologue + 1 song (16 bar cut). If you’re singing, please bring recorded accompaniment or be prepared to sing a capella. We suggest you pick two contrasting monologues. If you have one classical piece, pair it with a contemporary one.  If one of your pieces is comic, pick a dramatic monologue for your other piece. And if you only have one monologue you’d like to perform, that’s fine too! 

Want us to record it for you? If you bring a phone or camera, we will have someone available to take a video of your audition for your own personal use. If you have any questions, let us know!

Interested? Email to reserve an audition slot or for more information!

Looking Ahead: 2022/23 Casting Opportunities

Get excited for another amazing year of theater at Live Arts! Take a look at upcoming casting opportunities to start thinking about roles you might like to audition for. In addition to four plays and a musical, we will also be casting various acting opportunities (with smaller time commitments) throughout the 2022/23 Season and during our month-long new works festival (May-June 2023).

Meet Our Production Manager
& Volunteer Coordinator

Liz Howard will get you signed up for an audition, help you find volunteer resources, or chat about what volunteer opportunities might be a good fit for you. She also helps keep our productions running smoothly!

If you have any questions about auditions or current acting opportunities, reach out to or give Liz a call at 434-977-4177 x107.

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