Where’s Darryl?!

Gasp!Where's Darryl? A Mystery on Water Street

We have a BIG mystery on Water Street: The week before Halloween our beloved Box Office Manager Darryl Smith goes missing. One of the mystery characters knows where he is! What happened to Darryl!? Join us October 28-30 for evenings of online sleuthing, fun, fundraising, and just a dash of Live Arts celebration!

Tickets are $30. Audience members can come to one, two, or all three nights! All are encouraged to stop by on Friday, October 30 for the Big Reveal! 


BYOC (Bring your own costume)

Looking for some inspiration? Come to our Foundry Friday workshop with Anna Cai on Friday, October 23 for tricks on making a mask!

Where’s Darryl?! A Mystery on Water Street (October 28-30)

  • October 28-30, 2020 at 7-8:30pm
  • Directed by Matthew Reynolds
  • Interactive online event!