Death of a Salesman, photo credit: Kelley Van Dilla

Death of a Salesman, Willy and Linda, photo credit: Kelley Van Dilla

Death of a Salesman at Live Arts written by Arthur Miller, Presented by Elizabeth and Joe Le Vaca, Sponsored by Nest Realty

Death of a Salesman at Live Arts, poster design by Convoy,

by Arthur Miller

presented by Elizabeth & Joe LeVaca

sponsored by Nest Realty

directed by Bill Rough

May 19 to June 4, 2017


Willy Loman is just an ordinary, hardworking American man, trying to hold it all together. His grown sons, Biff and Happy, are up for anything, it seems, except working hard. Meanwhile, their mother, Willy’s wife Linda, strives to keep the family from falling apart.

In Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, the family man who fought for everything is on the edge of losing it all, and now more than ever “attention must be paid.”


  • Steve Tharp — WILLY LOMAN
  • Debra Drummond — LINDA LOMAN
  • Taylor Ballard — HAPPY
  • Martyn Kyle — BIFF
  • Winston Smith — BERNARD
  • Christina Ball — THE WOMAN
  • Richard Cooper — CHARLEY
  • Karl Pfefferkorn — UNCLE BEN
  • Matt Yohe — HOWARD WAGNER
  • Kerry Moran – JENNY
  • Ernest Chambers – STANLEY
  • Megan Robles — LETTA
  • Julia Robertson — MISS FORSYTHE


  • Producer – Kelli Shermeyer
  • Director – William Rough
  • Assistant Director  –  Kelley Van Dilla
  • Production Stage Manager  – Scott Dunn
  • Production Stage Manager – Lisa Weigold
  • Set Designer – Jerry King
  • Set Dresser – Deborah Arenstein
  • Lighting Designer- Fabian Garcia
  • Sound Designer- John Holdren
  • Costume Designer- Laura King
  • Properties Designer- Kathleen Mueller
  • Hair and Make-up Designer- Laura Slack
  • Dramaturge- Marija Reiff
  • Fight Choreographer- Mike Long
  • Acting Coach – Carol Pedersen
  • Composer / Flutist – Kristin Baltes
  • Studio Recording – Carl Schwaner
  • Light Board Technician – Skye Devlin
  • Sound Board – Technician Olivia Gallmeyer
  • Sound Board – Technician Jaydn Kowahl