Readers’ Circle

Readers' Circle meeting: January 2021
Readers’ Circle is a monthly play-reading group, created by Carol Pedersen, that currently meets online to enjoy and discuss great plays. Join us from anywhere in the world! Readers’ Circle is facilitated by Gretchen York with assistance from Amy Goffman and Jim Horstkotte.

All are welcome! 

We meet on the third Sunday of each month from 3-5pm. If you are interested in joining, please RSVP to Gretchen at and she will share a Zoom meeting invitation, as well as a Google folder with the script (and perhaps reviews and resources).

2021-2022: reIGNITE the Canon

This season, we’re going to focus on contemporary adaptations of Western “classics” as a way to continue our exploration of how modern BIPOC, LGTBQ+, and women playwrights are responding to a theatrical landscape that has largely been dominated by white men. Sometimes we will read the original script together—as in the case of Miss Julie and Electra, which weren’t written in English. Even the “originals” that we’ll encounter are a kind of adaptation. But for larger-cast and English-language options—Titus Andronicus, Everyman, Richard III—participants will receive links to summaries and online scripts of the earlier, more widely known versions so that they can peruse the texts (or not!) in advance and at their leisure.

By foregrounding contemporary adaptations that stand on their own, we hope to empower every interested person to join without fear of feeling “behind” if they haven’t attended a previous month’s meeting. At the same time, by constructing mini conversations between scripts, we aim to support informed and lively discussion about how these very different but equally fantastic playwrights offer new ways to grapple with deeply resonant—but often deeply exclusive—cultural narratives.

Any questions about Readers’ Circle can be directed to Gretchen York at or Education Director Miller Susen at