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All roles at Live Arts are open; everyone is welcome to audition.  Click on the links below for details and/or email for more information.


The production team for SWEAT is still looking for an actor to play Brucie (African American, 40s/50s). 

If you or someone you know might be interested in this role, please email for more information.

SWEAT Description and Production Information HERE.


Written by Lucy Kirkwood. Directed by Betsy Tucker. Produced by Will Kerner.


Sunday, February 16: 6-9pm
Monday, February 17: 6-9pm

Callbacks Thursday, February 20

Please email for more information and to reserve your audition slot!

Description:  It’s a summer evening in a small cottage on the east coast of England. Hazel and her husband Robin have retired here for a quiet life – he tends to some cows, she has time for yoga. 

But, not long ago, their seaside idyll was disrupted by a powerful natural disaster. An earthquake and the tsunami which followed have torn apart the nearby nuclear power plant. Rolling blackouts are now commonplace and there’s an exclusion zone around the plant.

Into this situation steps Rose, an old friend and colleague of Hazel and Robin. As the three of them reconnect, secrets and past infidelities are revealed. But the greatest challenge to their friendship is still to come. In a new climate of scarcity, survival is everything.

Cast Breakdown:  All the characters are witty, smart, nuclear physicists in their 60’s;  forty years ago were very close friends and working partners. They can each be played by actors of any race or ethnicity.  Light British dialects. Their names reflect their characters.

ROBIN:  Impish, loves women, and is very attractive to women: “…two women in the plant and you were getting it off with both of them.” A joker, a trickster. Sick with radiation poisoning (coughing blood, tired) feels the need to do something about the disaster, risking his life already to clean up—all this he hides from his wife. Smokes on stage.

HAZEL:  Married to Robin. Mother of four, she a woman who “holds up the world.” Organized, controlling, has worn sunscreen every day for 40 years. She eats salads and does yoga; fighting her aging. Volatile, anxious now; changes quickly. Jealous of Rose and suspicious of her sudden appearance. Had made up and revives the 60’s dance they all perform in unison, again, on stage. 

ROSE:  Alluring. Orchestrated an affair with Robin for decades; hasn’t seen Hazel for 38 years and Robin for five. Cool because she’s looking for the moment to ask them both for their help, looking for how to tell them she’s no longer a threat to their relationship. She needs their cooperation. On a mission to take responsibility and help control the disaster. She has had breast cancer and must be wigged and have very short hair or appear bald. Smokes on stage.

Auditions for Spring 2020 LIVE ARTS TEEN-ISH THEATER WORKSHOP (Ages 10 – 15) production of SHAKESPEARE SHOWCASE, directed by Ti Ames

Auditions Sunday, February 23rd from 3pm to 5pm OR Monday, February 24th from 6pm to 8pm

Click to learn more, and sign up for an audition slot for SHAKESPEARE SHOWCASE!

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