Auditions for Locally Sourced

Auditions: Sunday, June 23 and Monday, June 24, 7 PM

Locally Sourced Auditions: Sunday, June 23 and Monday, June 24, 7 PM

The best playwrights in town bring this wonderful collection of short new works to life. Lots of great roles, in a bunch of brand new plays.

Please email Scott Dunn, or Kate Monaghan, for more information.

Performances run August 15-18

17 great roles in these new works:

Arsenic & Old Dykes

  • by Jenny Mead, directed by Joe Monaghan
  • CAST:
    • Lisa, 40s/50s.
    • Ellen, 40s-50s.
    • Susan, 40s/50s.

Tensions erupt and murderous impulses arise when a couple invites their friend, with vastly different political and social views, over for dinner.

Dogs: Then And For a While

  • by Peter Gunter
  • directed by Bill Rough
  • CAST
    • Irving Shetlick, 30-60
    • Susie Ivey, 30-60
    • Billy Ivey, 30-60

Irving Shetlick, a brilliant brain surgeon, who has returned to Butte, Montana after 25 years to win back the love of his life, Susie Ivey, who dumped him for Billy Ivey 25 years earlier during a production of the Musical, Cats. Irving believes he can win Susie back by, and get his revenge on Billy, by inviting them to play roles in his original musical about Dogs.

I Saw Him at the Home Depot

  • written and directed by Kate Monaghan
  • CAST:
    • Woman – 33

A woman tells her story. She gave up the baby she had as a teen, but she found out where he lives and moved there, and she sees him, every now and then, around town.

Irish Creek

  • written and directed by Courtney Walker
  • CAST:
    • Casey Deagan (F) – 36
    • Hasson Boyd (M) – 36

Set in a rental house in a valley beneath the Blue Ridge Parkway, Irish Creek is a final and imaginary conversation between two childhood friends after one has chosen to end his own life.

Robbery in Brooklyn

  • by Austin Bouchard
  • CAST:
    • J. (M) – 20s – 30s
    • Norman Olivier (M) 40-50

In the midst of a home invasion, a burglar discovers he is in the brownstone of Norman Olivier, a
wealthy but washed up short story author whose first and only work was published fifteen years
ago. When the sole copy of Norman’s new manuscript is destroyed during the break-in, a struggle between class and power ensues.

What We Live With

  • by Ken Henry; directed by Barbara Roberts
  • CAST:
    • Aaron (M), 31
    • Ted (M), 55
    • Girl in Class (F), 19

After serving 12 years behind bars for killing his 6-week-old daughter, Aaron Stemfield faces the challenge of reintegrating himself into society. Professor Ted Meyers wrestles with the professional and personal boundaries between teacher and student. If a felon like Aaron has served his time, is society willing to give him a second chance?

A Slippery Slope

  • by Patti Wray
  • directed by Leena Miller
  • CAST
    • MISS JOHNSON (F) 25-35
    • DAVY (M) – 12 (can be played by a young adult)
    • BETH (F) – 12 (can be played by a young adult)

Davy, a transfer student at a Christian middle school, finds himself in a war zone when his report on a shorebird reveals one-third of nesting couples are same-sex. Attacked as “fake news” by a fellow student and almost shut down by his teacher, Davy is faced with giving in or defending the facts of his report.