Auditions for TIGERS BE STILL

TIGERS BE STILL by Kim Rosenstock
Directed by Kerry Moran, produced by Christina Ball

  • Audition Dates: Sunday, September 8, 6-10 pm and Monday, September 9, 6-10 pm
  • Callbacks Thursday, September 12
  • Rehearsals Begin: Sunday, September 15
  • Performance Dates: November 15 – December 14, Founders Theater (no shows Thanksgiving week)

Description: TIGERS BE STILL is a comedy that follows the misadventures of Sherry Wickman, a young woman who has recently earned her masters degree in art therapy only to find herself moving back home. Unemployed and overwhelmed, Sherry retreats to her childhood bed and remains there until an unexpected employment opportunity gives her a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

Cast Breakdown:

SHERRY Female, 24. A quirky, kind, insecure yet persistent young woman; she’s a survivor who battles her own depression through her belief in the healing power of art; recently earned her master’s degree in art therapy but finds herself moving back home and trying to keep her life and her dysfunctional family together; in short, she is a young woman making her first attempt at becoming an adult.

JOSEPH Male, 50ish. Zack’s father; a middle school principal, authoritative and decisive on the job; he’s also an extremely caring father who struggles with his own grief, and to communicate with his grieving son; has a soft spot for his old flame, Sherry’s mother.

ZACK Male, 18. Blunt, vulnerable teenage boy with anger management issues; he’s sharp-edged with a lightning-fast intellect and a dark sense of humor; a good-hearted kid who is currently lost, acting out and in denial due to his mother’s recent death.

GRACE Female, 29. Sherry’s older sister, depressed; recently dumped by her fiancée, lives on her mother’s sofa in a fetal position, curled up around a bottle of whiskey, venting, singing karaoke, and watching endless replays of “Top Gun”; she’s been stealing her ex’s valuables, and recently kidnapped his two Chihuahuas, hoping it will motivate him to return her phone calls.

TO RESERVE YOUR AUDITION TIME: To schedule an audition slot, please email She will be delighted to help you choose the best time for you and reserve you a spot. She will also send you a script and audition information. If you cannot attend auditions, please email her anyway, as we may be able to schedule a different time.

To Prepare for Your Audition, please read the script at least once!

Here’s what you’ll do at your audition:

PART ONE: ACTOR’S CHOICE. Perform a prepared monologue (not from this script), or simply tell us a personal story, perhaps of love and loss (2-5 minutes). Use the material you’re comfortable with, relax, and have fun!


Sherry: p. 11-12 From “This is the story of ” to “this is an emergency assembly.”
p. 20 From “There’s our mom Wanda ” top. 21 “And that’s the story of how I got out of bed”.

Joseph: pp. 41-42, from “Cancel My Subscription” top. 42 “Thank you.”

Zach: p. 51 (From “OK. You know this closet? ” top. 52 ” just know I have to disappear to somewhere in a little while. ”

Grace: p. 49 From “Oh hey Troy, it’s Grace” to “Goodbye”.

  • Show up and TAKE THE LEAP!
  • Please Be Early – there will be forms to fill out.
  • Conflicts? At auditions, you will be asked to write down your schedule and any known conflicts for the rehearsal and performance period. Once you have marked your conflicts, we expect you to stick to the times you have indicated that you are available – so please double-check all vacation and work conflicts BEFORE your audition! Thank you!
  • Callbacks will be scheduled for Thursday, September 12.. These are by invitation from the director. You may be asked to read a scene from the play.
  • Need more info.?  You may call the Live Arts Office at 434-977-4177, ext 107 and ask for Marian if you have questions regarding auditions.