Decisions about the 2021 Fringe Festival are still pending.

Edinburgh at Night - Live Arts Fringe TeamIntroduction

Each year Live Arts assembles a team of theatre technicians, stage managers, designers, and theatre generalists to provide technical theater support for highschool and college students performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland from the end of July and the two weeks of August.

Live Arts works with WorldStrides who produces two festivals within the overall Edinburgh Fringe: The American High School Theatre Festival (ASHTF) and the International Collegiate Theatre Festival (ICTF). We help schools with productions from across the US and Canada plan, manage, and produce their productions for performances in Edinburgh.

Team Application Information

Our team consists of approximately one dozen volunteers who have demonstrated a commitment to Live Arts’ technical theatre development and who are dedicated to furthering Live Arts mission of Forging Community and Theatre. Each year we attempt to include as many new team members as veterans.  We support our team through training and development of technical skills, and for the time in Edinburgh, paid transportation, communal-style housing, and a small per diem.


The team is chosen early in the calendar year for the following August. However, it is never too soon to engage in Live Arts productions and our technical education offerings to obtain, sharpened, and demonstrate your abilities.

Below is a list of participation activities, and a high-level schedule to better prepare for possible selection on the Live Arts Fringe team — volunteer opportunities that will help prepare you for the Fringe team application.

  • Lightboard Operator
  • Soundboard Operator
  • Stage Manager
  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Light Hang Crew
  • Set Building Crew
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Follow Spot Operator
  • Director or Assistant Director
  • Running Crew

Our staff and seasoned volunteers are open and willing to train volunteers in any or all of the opportunities above.  No experience necessary to begin.

Live Arts also offers classes and intensives throughout the year for you to learn or increase your knowledge in the necessary fringe team skills.  Look for and ask about the following classes:

  • Introduction to Lighting
  • Production Stage Management
  • Basic Sound Design

Also, check out, and get involved with any special opportunity to learn a new skill offered by the Live Arts Scenic Guild

More Information and Connections

  • Join other Company members at Live Arts on set building, light hanging, and other tech volunteer opportunities.  More info: 
  • For Fringe Team information contact our Fringe Program Director, Ray Nedzel, at

Also, Get Involved with Live Arts Now

  • For volunteer opportunities throughout the year contact Live Arts Volunteer Team at
  • For information about set builds, light hangs, and designs, contact Live Arts Technical Director at

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