2016-2017 Season

THE ELECTRIC BABYseason26-shows-electric-baby-title

by Stefanie Zadravec 
October 14 to November 5, 2016
Presented by Silverchair  
Six characters, three stories, and only the mysterious moon floating through her magical phases sees them all. One life-changing coincidence later, their journeys begin that curious braiding that can connect each of us to all of us, and make every strand stronger. Together and separately they search—for their destiny, for forgiveness, for acceptance, and finally, perhaps, just for a moment’s peace together. While they search, old tales are told, folk remedies are shared, and always, the Baby glows.

GUYS AND DOLLSseason26-shows-guys-and-dolls-title

Music and lyrics by Frank Loesser; Book by Jo Swerling & Abe Burrows; Based on story & characters by Damon Runyon
December 9, 2016 to January 15, 2017
Presented by Old Dominion Bank
Sit Down, Live Arts will be Rockin’ the Boat all night long with our own, no-holds-barred take on this treasured musical, as Sarah and Sky, Nathan and Adelaide navigate their way into safe harbors against odds high enough to scare away even Big Julie. Whether you’d rather Follow the Fold or sit in on the Oldest, Established, Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York, there’s a place for you in Damon Runyon’s Manhattan love story. Join us for a high octane evening full of the music you love and the story with the happy ending only Broadway could provide.


by Lisa Kron 
February 3 to February 25, 2017
Presented by Lisa Grant and Tim McNamara
I want to figure some things out, that’s all. I love you, so I need to understand. Why do some get well and others, not? Is it a chance, or a choice? And that patient who became the healer for her world—how did she do that? What is the connection between treatment and getting better? And Mother, will you please, for one minute, just shut up! Sorry, I do love you, but they don’t need a drink, they don’t need a snack, they just need to help me. I’m trying to figure this out and you’re so distracting. I know I can do this, I know how to do it, and as soon as I figure it out, I’ll be able to…


written by Rick Elise, composed by Wayne Barker, based on the novel by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson
March 10 to March 26, 2017
Presented by Woodard Properties and Sponsored by Alexander Nicholson
The Boy had no home, no friends. He even got his name by accident. All the grownups he knew lied (no wonder he won’t grow up!). The Girl is an apprentice Starcatcher who tells great bedtime stories. They share the starstuff adventure with pirates, mermaids, islanders who hate the English but love gourmet pasta, and Queen Victoria (God Save Her!). Come along while we turn the story you’ve known all your life into a whole new-yet-familiar adventure.


by Will Eno 
April 21 to May 13, 2017
Presented by Susan Jacobson and Norm Oliver
Simple conversations, complex communication; minor irritations, major confrontations; everyday affection, transcendent love. Winner of two Drama Desk Special Awards and nominated for three Drama League Awards in 2014, Will Eno’s poignant look at everyday people is full of gentle humor and wry commentary on how we deal with our own mortality. The Joneses (both couples) are doing their very best to navigate modern life in all its glorious everyday chaos, while fighting for the quiet time and inner space to make sense of it all. This play will warm your heart and break your heart, showing that there is somebody’s hero in each of us, even though none of us can be heroic all the time. And as long as we stick by each other, we don’t have to be.

DEATH OF A SALESMANDeath of a Salesman at Live Arts

by Arthur Miller
May 19 to June 4, 2017

Willy Loman is just an ordinary, hardworking American man, trying to hold it all together.  His grown sons, Biff and Happy, are up for anything, it seems, except working hard. Meanwhile, their mother, Willy’s wife Linda, strives to keep the family from falling apart.

In Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, the family-man who fought for everything is on the edge of losing it all, and now more than ever “attention must be paid.”