Directed by Megan Hillary,
ANIMAL FARM is a fable with a sting.


  • 7:30 PM
  • June 1-3; 8-10
  • Founders Theater
  • Pay What You Can – at the door

Show Info.:

Snowball and Napoleon!  Just two pigs who take over the family farm?  Or much better than that?  Or much much worse?


Much has been written about the threat of Communism, but it remains to the late George Orwell, farsighted British author of the brilliant and frightening 1984, to expose the Russian experiment for what it really was: an idealist’s dream, converted by realists into a nightmare.

In a staged dramatic reading version of this timely allegory you will meet beasts whose prototypes dominated news headlines for many fearful years.

Opening on a note of joyous triumph for the creatures who have emancipated themselves from the cruel mastery of a human owner, the reading mounts inexorably to a climax of disillusionment in which the other animals discover themselves now subject to the rule of even more ruthless autocrats: the greedy, cunning pigs.

Intermingling humor and drama, ANIMAL FARM wrings the emotions of its listeners, leaving audiences shaken with the tale of a tragedy that happened in a mythical barnyard far, far away…. but could happen in our own back yard?