30 IN 30: A Live Arts Retrospective

We’ve looked back, now it’s time to forge ahead!

Our month-long theater festival celebrating three decades of Live Arts history has come to a close, but all 31 heartwarming episodes are still available on the Live Arts Youtube Channel or Live Arts Facebook page! Each live-streamed episode spotlights a year in Live Arts history, featuring special guests, volunteers, stories, archival photos, performances, surprises, and more! We are so grateful for everyone who participated in the festival and everyone who tuned in from home. Our 30in30 episodes have over 15,000 total views (and counting) on Facebook! Special thanks to our technical facilitators Liz Howard, Shannon Montague, and Ray Nedzel. We truly couldn’t have done it without you!

If you are hoping to rewatch a specific episode or you weren’t able to catch us live, click the links below to find our full 30in30 playlist. Enjoy!



$37,600 raised for the Forging Ahead Campaign

During Episode 14 of 30in30, we announced a generous $10,000 matching challenge from the Madwoman Project. It was made in honor of a momentous year in Live Arts’ history when we moved into our new home on Water Street! To heighten the excitement, we only had 24 hours to match it! Between 7 pm on May 14 and 6:59 pm on May 15, the love came pouring in, including a spontaneous double challenge from Thane and Loaina Kerner, which matched the $9,500 donated during the episode itself. Altogether, thanks to the generosity of the Madwoman Project, the Kerners, and countless donors from the Live Arts community, we raised $37,600 in 24 hours toward our Forging Ahead Campaign. Thank you!