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2024/2025 Season


Sponsored by Jennifer Newell

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14 February - 2 March, 2025

Based on the real-life Mary Seacole, 19th century Jamaican nurse, adventurer and entrepreneur, Jackie Sibblies Drury’s play MARYS SEACOLE sets sail on a kaleidoscopic voyage across oceans, time-shifting through the centuries.

Virginia Premiere

We meet many Marys – a West Indian nanny watching her charge on a Manhattan playground, a nursing school practicing triage, a contemporary nursing home, Mary on the Crimean battlefield, and everywhere and every-when else. MARYS SEACOLE is the tale of an extraordinary woman, chronicling the strength and empathy of all women through the centuries paid to care,

“MARYS SEACOLE is in many ways an act of remembrance for the unremembered … an exhortation to see both past and present better.” – Sara Holdren, Vulture

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