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2023-2024 Season


About This Show

12 July - 28 July, 2024
Directors: Director Daniel Kunkel, Music Director Abby Smith

Expelled from school (again) and sent off to the summer camp for half-bloods, troubled teen Percy—aka Perseus—Jackson discovers he's a demigod, with a very powerful father. Before he can catch his breath and explore this newfound identity, he’s packed off to the attic, where a riddling oracle delivers a prophecy. And off Percy must go, on a quest with a few of his new half-blood friends, to retrieve Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt, prevent an all-out war among their godly parents, and hope to rescue his mom from the Underworld.


Connor Micheal as Percy Jackson

Veronica Schoenster as Annabeth Chase

Ben Lohr as Grover Underwood

Lucy Strandquist as Luke, Farmer, Kronos, Kurt Cobain

Julie Minor as Clarisse, Mrs. Dodds, Hades, Thalia

Audrey Scialla as Silena, Megaera, Oracle, Squirrel, Janis Joplin, US Chiron

Jacob Walton as Mr. D, Train Conductor, Greyhound Passenger, Mozart, US Charon

IIa Cooper as Mr. Brunner/Chiron, Poseidon, Ares, Gabe, Bus Driver

Sylvia Moses as Sally, Tisphone, Aunt Em, Newscaster, Vienna Boys' Choir, US Clarisse

Maddie Krause as Katie, Charon, Greyhound Passenger, Echidna, Biance

Gian Serrano as US Percy, US Mr. D

Morgan Geissman as US Grover, US Luke

Korinne Brier as US Annabeth, US Sally

Production Team

Daniel Kunkel - Director

Abby Smith - Music Director

Eliza Banaszak - Assistant Director

Mandy Shuker - Producer

Alyssa Samuelson - Production Stage Manager

Isabel Tusing - Assistant Stage Manager

Ti Ames - Education Director

Sophie Clayton - Choreographer

Alan Box Levine - Scenic Designer

Maggie Rogers - Props Designer/Set Dressing

Rachel Pfundstein - Lighting Designer

Daniel Angell - Sound Engineer/Designer

Kaylei Kipper - Costume Designer

Laura Rikard - Intimacy Consultant

Understudy Performance: July 20, 7:30pm
Gian Serrano as playing Percy Jackson
Korinne Brier as playing Annabeth
Morgan Geissman as playing Grover

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