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2023-2024 Season


Sponsored by George Worthington & Cameron Mowat

About This Show

29 September - 29 October, 2023
Director: Susan E. Evans

Chekhov's 1897 masterpiece filled with dark humor, hidden passions, and tumultuous family dynamics. Runs in repertory with LIFE SUCKS. by Aaron Posner.


Clinton Johnston as Alexánder Vladimirovich Serebryakóv

Haydn Haring as Eléna Andréevna

Christiana Mitchell as Sófya Alexándrovna (Sónya)

Kat Maybury as Márya Vassíyevna Voinískaya

Nick Hagy as Iván Petróvich Voinítsky (Ványa)

Austin Bouchard as Mikhaíl Lvóvich Ástrov

James Scales as Ilyá Ilyích Telégin

Jane McDonald as Marína Timoféevna

Michael Swanberg as Workman/Watchman/Servant

Jacob Walton as Workman/Watchman/Servant

Production Team

Susan E. Evans - Director

Morgan Hall - Production Stage Manager

Tom Bloom - Scenic Designer

Amy Goffman - Costume Designer

Becky Brown - Sound Designer

Chase Carson - Lighting Designer

Maggie Rogers - Props Designer

Mimi Halpern - Assistant Costume Designer

Laura Rikard - Intimacy Consultant

Daniel Kunkel - Fight Choreographer


When a pretentious gouty professor and his much younger new wife—bewitching, beautiful, and oh so restless—return to his country estate, tensions escalate to the tipping point. The professor’s brother-in-law, the eponymous Ványa, and his long-suffering niece have been keeping the estate afloat for 25 years, but the professor has plans. Throw a few more intensely volatile and fascinating houseguests into the mix, plus a veritable stew of hidden frustrations and passions, and the tedium of their provincial life is upended.


“Life is a tragedy because it’s so farcical.”
The New York Times [from a review of UNCLE VANYA]


SOLD OUT—2 Performances Added

UNCLE VANYA opens on Friday, September 29 at 8pm and performs on the following dates:

LIFE SUCKS. opens Saturday, September 30 at 8pm and performs on the following dates:

Live Arts will host Free Preview Performances for both shows on the following dates (tickets can be reserved through the Box Office):


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