Fringe Team Application

Applications are not yet open.  Contact for more info.

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Live Arts Fringe Tech Team 2019: Kelli, Sarah, Ray, Caroline, Sam, Opal, Liz, Heather, Katie, Thalia, Perry, Jason. (not shown: Skye, Ken, and Jane who were working in different venues when this photo was taken.)


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world. Last year’s Festival welcomed 3,700+ theatrical productions featuring 25,000+ artists to perform 49,000+ performances in one of 350+ venues across the capital city of Edinburgh, Scotland. There is truly nothing like it in the world.

Live Arts works with WorldStrides who produces two festivals within the overall Fringe: The American High School Theatre Festival (ASHTF) and the International Collegiate Theatre Festival (ICTF). We help schools with productions from across the US and Canada (and even Dubai) plan, manage, and produce their productions for performances in Edinburgh.

As the “Theatre Team” or “Tech Team,” our job is to prepare the theatre spaces for the participating high schools and colleges – build seating, build truss, hang lights, wire in sound systems, etc.; and shepherd each production through its tech and performance schedule.  Our team ensures that everything runs safely and smoothly for each production, including lots of handholding and cat herding. The 2019 team welcomed 600 performers in 43 performing groups spread over 6 venues in just over 2 weeks. It’s an exhausting but extremely rewarding experience.


There will be a Fringe interest meeting scheduled during the application process, or just at the close of the application process.  This meeting should be attended by anyone who has not been on the Fringe Tech Team before and would like to be considered.  If you have attended FRINGE as a member of the Live Arts Tech Team, you are not required to come, but your presence would be welcome!


Please note that while we would LOVE to bring everyone to the Fringe Festival, spaces are limited. We focus on the skill sets of our applicants, so the more you tell us about your strengths the greater chance you’ll have. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and preference is given to people who are over 21 years old.  We also give preference to applicants who live in Central Virginia and who have volunteered at Live Arts.

Shortly after selection, we will notify you of our decision. If chosen, you will be asked to sign a commitment agreement (with a cancelation penalty if you back out after your plane ticket is purchased).

Live Arts will cover the cost of your airfare to the UK, your accommodation while in Edinburgh, and will provide you with a small stipend if chosen to represent Live Arts on the Theatre Team. Past participants recommend bringing at least $500 per session as spending money for food, libations, and tickets to shows.


This summer, the AHSTF, and ICTF are in one session (in the past, and maybe in the future, there were two sessions).  Our team will travel in advance of the students to build-out and set up, then run the venues, then strike, pack, clean, and restore the venues.

  • Team travel dates
  • leave Charlottesville: Tuesday, July 28, 2020
  • leave Edinburgh, return to Charlottesville: August 16, 2020

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