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2021-2022 Season


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20 May - 5 June, 2022
Director: Susan E. Evans

Call it subversive. Call it controversial. Definitely call it explosively funny. Nobel Prize winning playwright Dario Fo’s political farce was seen by over a half million people in the first two years after its 1970 premiere, has since been performed in more than 40 countries, and is considered a classic of 20th century theater.


Nick Hagy as Madman

Elizabeth Rose as Reporter

Julia Robertson as Sporty

Johnny Butcher as Bertozzo

Eric Ramírez-Weaver as Commissioner

David Johnson as Officer Linguitito

Cecilia Huang as Officer Martini

Production Team

Susan E. Evans - Director

Khadijah Williams - Production Stage Manager

Jackson Key - Scenic Designer/Lighting Designer

Sam Flippo - Props Designer

Heather Hutton - Master Electrician

Becky Brown - Sound Designer

Amy Goffman - Costume Designer

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A self-proclaimed “maniac” infiltrates central police headquarters and, using an increasingly absurd set of disguises, manipulates his bumbling interrogators into telling the truth.

In 1969, Giuseppe Pinelli, an anarchist railway worker in Milan, “accidentally” plummeted to his death from a fourth-floor window in a police interrogation room. Accused of railway-station bombings, he was finally completely absolved of the crime. Based on this actual case, ACCIDENTAL DEATH is a searingly hilarious exposé of the rampant (and thoroughly institutionalized) corruption of the Italian police force.

“ … hair’s-breadth combination of political exposé and pungent vaudeville …” —The Guardian

PLEASE NOTE: This show contains sudden loud noises and fake guns.


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