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2022-2023 Season


Presented by The Madwoman Project | Sponsored by Pamela Friedman & Ronald Bailey, in memory of John Conover | Supported by Bank of America Foundation and Virginia National Bank

Live Arts WATERWORKS 2023: New Works on Water Street

About This Show

12 May - 3 June, 2023

A month-long celebration of new theatrical voices at Live Arts and beyond! This new works festival continues Live Arts' long history of showcasing local and emerging playwrights, under the direction of New Works Director Adrienne Oliver and Artistic Director Susan E. Evans.


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Wondering where to start? Take a look at our 2023 WATERWORKS Index of Shows. This document is updated daily, and includes all festival shows in chronological order. If you see something that interests you, purchase tickets through the Box Office or email Audience Experience Manager Darryl Smith at

In addition to performances and readings, expand your engagement by attending WATERWORKS parties, exclusive events at Common House (trivia, rooftop yoga, and more), and educational Community Intensives taking place throughout the festival. Take a look at our web calendar to get an overview of all the amazing opportunities during WATERWORKS!


SUBSCRIBERS: Learn more about WATERWORKS programming and how to use your season tickets in our 2023 WATERWORKS Subscriber Guide. Reserve tickets for WATERWORKS shows as usual—just email Darryl!



Oh, it’s a fabulous night for a MOONDANCE! After the final WATERWORKS performance on June 3, we’ll be welcoming participants and guests (21+) back to the building for a celebration beneath the Strawberry Moon. Let your alter ego come out for a spellbinding night of dancing, karaoke, and fun.

Tickets are $25 at Free entry for WATERWORKS volunteers!


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