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Summer Camp

Kick summer 2024 into high gear with Live Arts!

Camps for Ages 4 to 9

What is a theater toolbox? What kinds of skills belong in my toolbox? How can I use my toolbox both onstage and off? 

General concepts: working in an ensemble, basic story structure, stage directions, consent.

Camps for Ages 8 to 16

What sort of things can I add to my theater toolbox? How can I apply my tools to different genres of theater like Shakespeare and musicals? 

General concepts: actor technique and methodology, plot device, multi-tasking, memorization, presentation.

Camps for Ages 12 to 17

How does my toolbox relate to the world at large? What kinds of stories can I tell now that I have such an array of tools that I feel more confident using?

General concepts: audition etiquette, mature themes within a storyline, real-world applications, professionalism. 

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